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Although swinger’s lifestyle may not suit every couple, there are many instances where regular couples reported happier and enjoying more meaningful and satisfying relationships after they turned swingers. Some couples even claimed that they were able to make their previously monotonous relationships exciting after they decided to swap partners and thus successfully prevented an otherwise inevitable break up.

If you are sitting on the fence and wondering whether a swinger lifestyle would be right for you, below are 6 factors you perhaps never knew about a partner swapping relationship and may help you to make a decision.

  1. A swinger relationship requires honesty

No matter how weird it sounds to regular people, honesty, and trust among the couples in a swinger relation are two key requirements. Once couples decide they are ready to take the call and start swapping partners, they become more transparent and honest with each other about their desires and feelings. They don’t feel any need for hiding their inner cravings and can discuss things with their partners without any hesitation. Contrary to a traditional monogamous relationship where cheating or lying is very common and often leads to a permanent break up, such things are rarely found in a swinger relationship.

  1. Communication gets better

One of the main factors conventional relationships often lack is communication between partners. According to psychologists and relationship counselors, better and open communication is necessary between two people in a relationship to sort out everyday things before they become larger and take the relationship on the verge of breaking. On the other hand, those who swap partners find themselves more capable of communicating with each other and being able to express their opinions and feelings about everything in life. They also feel more tolerant of each other’s shortcomings.

  1. They give more priority to their partners

When you share your partner with another, that naturally makes you further aware of your partner and everything you love about him or her. Swinger couples find themselves giving more priorities to their original partners on all aspects of life as they actively try to balance home, career, and of course, playtime with their real-world partners.

  1. Swingers appreciate things more

Finding a willing partner ready and welcoming to the idea of swapping is kind of rare even today. Therefore, when people find they are lucky enough to have such partners, they start appreciating their partners’ open and adventurous nature more than ever. Swinger couples often feel their love for each other has actually been increased after they started swinging.

  1. You become more confident

You certainly don’t need to look like a model, but once you are in the exciting world of swinging; it makes you more aware and careful of your look and appearance. Swinger couples are more health and look conscious than their traditional counterparts and that makes them further confident in dealing with any real-life issue.

  1. You become more giver than a receiver

In a conventional relationship, wives often find themselves at the receiving end. However, during partner swapping, they become more empowered than just being a receiver and like to offer and contribute more to the experience.


Every relationship goes through ups and downs and being able to keep trying without giving up on each other is the key to a successful conjugal partnership. The same applies to everything in life, and perhaps, even more, when you are in a swinging relationship. Don’t make a mistake thinking swingers lifestyle is a one-click solution to your otherwise vulnerable marriage since it takes a confident and emotionally stable mindset to be able to enjoy the same.


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